Monday, August 31, 2009

Some FAQ

This emulator is for native OS or Dingux?
Dingux, but u still have to boot the emu with usb plugged in, after that u can unplug
(need reset to turn off ) . I dont know how to fix the kernel error, so until i find a solution , the emulator only starts with prompt connected by usb.

In what this is based of?
pSX for linux.
but im having to patch the iso file with the emulator.


  1. you disponibilize source code?

  2. how long takes it to load a game ...

    For ex. FF ?

  3. Man, you should give a little more of feedback if you want dingoo user's attenntion and even get some donation...

    -Why don't you post the gameplay of 2D games (which should be faster I presume).

    -The pSX emulator is a very good emu, but you know, it is focused to accuracy and it consumes a bunch o CPU. Will you optimize it by yourself or will try a faster emulator code as base?

    -Do you have a perspective of how much fast the games will run?

  4. Maybe the PSP programmers can help you?

  5. News, i need news!
    Just kidding, but could you provide some more insight into your project, i.e. registering @ the freeforum and tell us some more of this app? I for myself would apreciate that a lot!

  6. Please at least, release a stable Alpha version so we can try it out and point the problems we encounter out, so we can help you!

  7. Unlike many other developers, you are yet to give a single technical detail pertaining to this 'port'. Being a developer myself, I'd be happy to help with this project, if you'd like it. Here is my email address: tatchgoon (at) gmail (dot) com

    Which linux-based PSX emulator is your port based on? What version? What language are you programming in? Could you post your source code somewhere (perhaps on sourceforge) for viewing? These are all things you could do to further your development.

    While I'm not trying to sound like a jerk, I'm calling BS until you do one of these things as, to me, it sounds like you're just splashing around whilst yelling in the pool (not literally, of course) to draw attention to yourself.

  8. please don´t let it be vaporware :(

  9. I'm sorry... but any Playstation emulator for the Dingoo A320 will always be "Vaporware." The A320 is simply too slow to have a Playstation emulator rely on software emulation alone and it does not have a GPU / graphics processor of any kind... thus this project and anything similar to it is a complete waste of time. More importantly it shows a lack of knowledge, intelligence and simple understanding of anyone who tries to create or waits around in the wind for such a project to will it self into existence.

  10. Hey Cory, look at the minimum specs for bleem:
    Pentium 233 MMX or higher processor
    Windows 95/98
    16MB RAM
    3MB free hard disk space
    i know, x86 != MIPS... but being a troll helps noone. Especially being an insulting one...
    @Otioprog: I hope you ´re still working on this. If not, please say so, so people don´t hold their breath. Cheers! :D

  11. or at least release what u have as alpha

  12. I am far from a troll. I realize the minimum system requirements for bleem!, but you failed to mention that the program requires a "3D accelerated video card with 16MB+ VRAM"... they even go as far as recommending a 3Dfx Voodoo card.

    If the Dingoo A320 actually had a GPU of any kind, I would say go for it, give it everything you've got. But without that pursuing this project is next to ludicrous as it will never achieve a playable in game frame rate. Its not even dual processor, so you can't offload sound processing, or 3D processing onto another core (something that would allow better frame rates, but not to the degree of having an actual GPU).

  13. Eule and Cory:

    Bleem! was a heavily optimized assembly coded emulator, which was also closed-source, and continues to be. Aside from these issues, comparing MIPS processors to X86 is like comparing apples to oranges. This emulator is total B.S.

  14. Finally someone else with enough sense to back me up... I'm not into ruining parties or destroying someone's dream... but Tom is right. I ignored the MIPS vs x86 argument for the sake of brevity... besides the argument is sort of moot without the Dingoo even having a GPU. I actually programmed a bit of MIPS assembly in College, so I know how difficult it is.

  15. Sorry, didn´t want to sound mean, but this being a fake makes me sad...

  16. Yea... it's not that it's "fake"... it's just its not practical and it won't ever be realistically finished and playable. I agree, it is kind of said, but we can't change reality I suppose.

  17. looks like u guys are stupid dumbass's and wrong, PSX4ALL for Dingux released today

  18. Uhm... yea... but you have to use 2/3 frame skip... and it looks like most of the supported games are 2D. We are hardly dumb asses. Still, an interesting accomplishment, but still not what I call realistic.

  19. I'd call 50fps in most games realistic, for a first release.

    Cory you're a total douche bag, DIAF.

  20. hahhaha cory sucks major balls