Friday, August 28, 2009

Facke You

First I´m NOT a professional programmer and please, before say that the emulator is a fake, wait until the next test and video. Is horrible do something with someone always criticizing.

I'm correcting the zoom error and asking friends for help to resolve the sound problem.
At the moment the emulator only works with this speed , and have to wait about 1 hour of CG.
The recording was when the CG over.


  1. Hello,
    don't bother with people wasting time looking if your work is fake or not. Focus on your goal... There is always people complaining about the zoom, the sound, the weather, the birds etc etc...
    Don't waste your time trying to prove what your are working on because when you'll release your job, they will not apologize about what they said earlier...
    Excuse my bad english...

  2. i am extreamly exited for this if it works. KICK SOME PSX ARSE! woot

  3. Hey would be cool have some psx on Dingoo...keep doing the good work...i will come back here often to follow your work.
    good luck and tx!

  4. nice nice nice work men!, forgot the coments! you rock!